Blue Cruise

Blue Cruise

What is Blue Cruise


lexical meaning: Blue Cruise a.k.a. Blue Voyage ("Mavi Yolculuk" in Turkish) is a term used for recreational boating tours along Turkey's southwestern coasts and Greek Islands, with connotations in tourism and literature. The term is used by Turkey's tourism industry. It was derived from the title of a 1957 book by Azra Erhat.


The term was first introduced into the Turkish literature by a handful of Turkish writers. These writers were Cevat Şakir Kabaağaçlı -alias The Fisherman of Halicarnassus, Sabahattin Eyüboğlu as well as his circle of family and friends, especially artists, Azra Erhat, the translator into Turkish of Homer's Iliad and Odyssey, and others united around the literary revue "Yeni Ufuklar" (New Horizons) in the 1950s and especially the 1960s.


A full Blue Cruise generally starts in Didim, or Kuşadası, although the tours often depart from Bodrum. They usually terminate in the port of Antalya. The term may also be used to refer to shorter tours along the southwestern Turkey shore.



Blue Cruise



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Private Yacht Charter


If you have a family or a group of friends who wish to travel together, why not consider a tailor-made private charter. You will have the yacht exclusively to yourselves! And we are offering a highly personal service and traditional cuisine served on board.


Our Boats


We can provide gulets to accommodate groups from 2 cabins to 8 cabins which mean our largest gulet can accommodate up to 16 guests. Each gulet has a mix of twin and double- bedded cabins. Each cabin has its own separate lavatory, shower and wash basin. All our boats are wooden motor/sailing yachts which range from 15-30 metres in length. They are constructed to a traditional design and known in Turkish as gulets.


Our yachts offer a high standard of safety and comply with local government and international regulations. These regulations are monitored thoroughly by the coastguard and harbour masters.


Blue Cruise


Life on Board


On our exclusive tailor-made tours your yacht will anchor in 2 or 3 bays daily depending on your chosen itinerary and there will be a maximum of 4 hours cruising per day. The last stop will be the place where we will stay for the night. We will usually use the motor to power the gulet. However, from time to time if the wind/ weather conditions permit, your crew will be happy to use the sails as well.


All of our gulets are equipped with a dingy, which is fitted with an outboard engine. For our customers use there is fishing and snorkelling equipment and a game box. Some of our gulets also have windsurf, canoe, water sports equipment and jet ski. Water sports and jet-skiing is at an extra cost and can be paid for on board. There are also ample opportunities to sample different water sports such as jet-skiing, water-skiing and banana boat riding. These are also available at an extra cost and are organized by specialist water sports groups at the different bays visited.


Once the gulet is moored you will have free time to visit any archaeological ruins, take a little walk in to the pine forests and generally explore the beautiful coastline. Reading your book and having a siesta under the shade with a breeze may be another option. Of course, sea lovers can enjoy swimming, snorkel ling and sunbathing.


We can also organise private land excursions upon your request to the nearby local towns, ancient sites and natural attractions.


Blue Cruise


Food & Drinks on Board


The meals during the cruise are prepared on board and are of a high standard. We may also recommend some local fish restaurants on your route for you to sample on a few occasions if you would like to. Menus will be decided before the trip according to your requests and preferences. We find our guests mainly prefer a traditional Turkish breakfast which consists of jams, honey, butter and fresh bread, a selection of cheeses, green olives, black olives, eggs, tomato and cucumber. This is served with strong Turkish tea, coffee, juice or milk. The chefs on board may prepare a surprise for our guests every morning such as scrambled egg with traditional Turkish sucuk (spicy sausage) or a selection of traditional Turkish pastries. Lunch is usually a light meal, which most of our guests prefer in the heat of the day. One main course which is most delicious is a Turkish vegetable meal (sometimes stuffed with meat) accompanied by salads, pasta, rice or chips and followed by fruit.


Afternoon tea time consists of tea, coffee, kinds of cookies and sometimes pastries.


Blue CruiseAt supper the main course is fish or meat accompanied by a kinds of Turkish and Greek mezes (starters) followed by desserts and fruit.

If you have any special requests (religious preferences - health oriented) these can be organized if notice is given beforehand.

Full Board supplement for a luxury menu is € 25,-and a deluxe menu is € 35,-per person per day.

The Deluxe menu is rich in sea food and consists of four servings a week of fresh local fish, calamari, octopus and shrimp. The Luxury Menu has three servings of fresh local fish and other sea food.

All inclusive supplement for unlimited local alcoholic drinks, beverages and bottled water is € 25,-per person per day.

Child discount for food and drinks will be applied as free for 0-5 years and 6-12 years is 50% of the adult fare. There is always the possibility of buying and storing your food supply yourself and our staff will be more than happy to set you guidelines for all you would need for a weeks holiday.

The beverages are available at the bar on board of every yacht at reasonable price, however you may also stock your own beverages before your departure.

In either case the services will be provided by the crew and this service is included in the price.



Blue CruiseAn attraction for people for many years, what really is a blue voyage?


It is time to set yourself free from the maddening crowd of the city and the walls surrounding you at your workplace or your home and to reach out for the sea. What would you say if we suggest that you had an adventurous voyage along the most beautiful Aegean and Mediterannean bays where thousands of shades of blue and green are mingled in a unique natural atmosphere. Is it possible to say 'No'? Especially, if you know that you will be spending this precious time on a beautiful yacht where you will be together with your friends, enjoy your days and nights together and entertain yourselves...


You are right! We are talking abut Blue Voyage. It has been a great attraction for many people for years, but do you really know what it is? Blue Voyage is to experience the most beautiful sunset; to eat the most delicious fish and savour the unforgettable taste of various drinks and appetisers. It is to have the chance to read the book that you had longed for and get carried away with it. And last but not least, it is to be side by side with your loved one, to cruise along the deserted bays, lie down on the beach and swim in the cool tranquil waters.


"Blue Voyage" will take you away to the unexplored bays on the Agean and Mediterranean coasts and on to the Greek Islands where you can swim, fish, do water sports, and also to the archeological remains which you can only reach by boat. To meet the culture and undisturbed character of this fascinating part of the world, "Blue Voyage" is a valuable opportunity and will be an unforgettable memory.


Where Does The Story Go?


The most extensive part of a blue voyage covers the Agean and Meditarennean coastline between Bodrum and Antalya. Indeed, it is also possible to set the journey from İstanbul and extend it to Antalya; however, the unique taste of Blue Voyage is in anchoring at bays which are not far from each other. Today, "Blue Voyage" is realised with 15 - 30 meter long gulet type wooden vessels with 4 to 8 cabins with private shower and toilet ensuite and as long as the wind allows, the vessels are powered with engine although sometimes the sails are also hoisted. The main reason behind anchoring at a number of bays which are close to eachother is that it is not possible to bear the sound of the engine more than three hours a day. These charter tours including at least one of the following; Gulf of Gökova, Hisarönü and Sömbeki or the Gulf of Fethiye, attract great attention…


We can classify the Gulets in four quality groups; Standart without airconditioning, Air-conditioned, Luxurious and De luxe yachts. It is possible for you to charter a gulet suitable for your budget. For further information and to see the pictures, details and prices of our vessels please check "Private Yacht Charter".


Tours Departing From Bodrum


There are three routes for the tours starting from and finishing in Bodrum. One of them includes the Gulf of Gökova, and the second one covers the Gulf of Güllük (Mandayla). The third route includes the Gulf of Hisarönü which also covers Datça and Knidos. Moreover, it is possible to set off from Bodrum and visit the Greek Islands; you can even reach Marmaris or the Gulf of Göcek with a weekly one direction route. If you wish you can also go for a two week one direction route and visit most of the bays between Bodrum and Antalya.


In a Gökova Gulf Tour, which is the classic route of Blue Voyage, most of the time is spent at the bays embroderied around the middle and eastern part fo the gulf and the route to Mandalya Gulf, the tour includes a visit to the ancient Karia cities like Didim, Milet, Priene, and Lassos covering both historical and natural beauties of the region.


Time To Pack


On the boat, most of the time is spent in swimsuits (or bikinis) and pareohs. It should be sufficient if you also bring a pair of trainers for the short walks you will make on the land, several t-shirts, a pair of cotton trousers or a pair of bermuda shorts. Depending on the season, it might also be good to bring a sweat-shirt or a pullower for after the sunset.


Do not forget to bring a sea-towel, an extra swimsuit, sun cream (high protection), sun-glasses, a hat, snorkel, pallets, medicine and your favorite books.


If you believe that it could be boring to sleep in the cabin, you are welcome to bring along your sleeping bag. Do not pack in huge suticases; there will not be room to fit them in anyway. Blankets, bedsheets, coverlets and hand towels are already available on the boat. If you have not closed your suitcase yet, you can also put some board games like monopoly, taboo, or scrabble to entertain yourself with your friends. And last but not least do not forget to bring your digital camera or video camera.


Blue CriuseSummary of a day


On the boat, the day starts with a lovely breakfast in the cool and peaceful morning. Usually, breakfast is served at the bay where the night was spent, and right after breakfast it is time to hard to port... The aim is to reach the next destination before noon when the sea is silent and as calms as a millpond. After lunch, there is enough time for everyone to spend the time as his/her wish; resting, swimming, diving, surfing, water-skiing, etc. When the sunset is close, a new excitement is in the air becaue it is time to watch the "sun set" accompanied with a glass of drink. In the evening, if you are lucky enough, you will the fish you have caught. When it strucks midnight, you close your eyes under millions of stars to wake up for a brand-new day...




On our gulets, you can find simple fishing rods, snorkels and pallets. On some of them even equipment for wind surf, cano and other water sports are available. You will find the opportunity to use jet-ski, water ski, banana and other water sport equipment for reasonable prices at the bays on our route. Depending on your wish, we can also provide you with a jet-ski or water ski during your journey. At our anchorrage grounds, our guests can take a short walk through the pine forests, visit the archeological remains or stroll along the beautiful coastline. Another option would be to fall asleep while reading under the tend accompanied by the soft breeze. Natrally, sealovers will also enjoy swimming, diving with the snorkel and sunbathing. There are also some optional inland tours to the surrounding towns, historical places and natural attractions.



Private Charters (Exclusive Tailor-Made Tours)

Yalı Travel Agency has wooden traditional gullets in 4 different classes- Standard (no A/C), Standard Plus (with A/C), Luxury and Deluxe. If you would like to rent a private yacht we will need to discuss the different options available to you depending on the size of your group. We will then find the best available gullet to suit your needs. When you have decided on the gullet that you would like to hire, we will speak about the details such as itinerary, menu options and airport transfers. We will send you a Charter Contract after finalising the details. To confirm the reservation, 50% of the total charter price is needed this will act as a deposit and the balance can be paid in cash when you arrive. This will be paid to our Yalı Travel Agency Official who will be present when you aboard the yacht.



Deposits can be paid by credit card or bank transfer.


Credit Card Payment

Yalı Travel Agency accepts payments by Visa, Master or American Express credit cards.

If you would like to pay by credit card, an authorization form will be sent to you. You need to complete the form and fax it back to +90.252.3852744 or send it back by e-mail. We also need a copy of your identity card or passport. An approval code slip and exchange rate of your payment will be sent to you by fax or e-mail. You may also use our virtual point of sale via our web site for your credit card payments.


Bank Money Transfer

Please contact us for our bank account details, appropriate for your country. When you make a payment by bank transfer, you must write the reservation number on the description part.



Private Yacht Charter Cancellation Conditions:

Yalı Travel Agency will apply the cancellation policy to Private Yacht Charter as follows depending on the time-interval between the booking, confirmation and the cancellation date.

a) For cancellations up to 90 days prior to your departure, 15% of the deposit will be funded as an administration fee; the rest of the deposit will be refunded.

b) For cancellations less than 89-60 days prior to departure, 35% of the deposit will be funded as an administration fee; the rest of the deposit will be refunded.

c) For cancellations less than 59 days prior to your departure, the deposit will not be refunded.



Yalı Travel Agency is responsible for making all the arrangements for everything specified in the services and itineraries. All of the carriers and other services provided in which we may bring together our services work as independent contractors. Nevertheless, all of the service provided bears Yalı Travel Agency guarantee and responsibility for quality service, which we provide to all of our customers with. All travel documents issued by Yalı Travel Agency, in written paraphernalia or to the customer, are subject to the terms and conditions specified by the laws of Turkey. In case any of the services included in our tour packages cannot be provided at the time of the tour for reasons beyond the control of the company, than Yalı Travel Agency is responsible for providing equally comfortable and interesting alternatives, within 24 hours.



All boats are under fully comprehensive and third party insurances. However, we do advise you to have your own personal travel, health, accident, cancellation, luggage and trip-interruption insurance.